Ivory Coast’s Former First Lady Freed 3 Years into 20-Year Jail Term

Simone Gbagbo

Simone Gbagbo, Ivory Coast’s former first lady has been freed from prison after serving 3 years into her 20-year crimes against humanity charges. Her release comes after President Alassane Ouattara granted her and 800 other person amnesty in a bid to foster reconciliation.

Gbagbo and husband, Laurent Gbagbo were arrested in 2011 for their role in 2011’s post-election violence that led to the death of over 3,000 people. While Laurent awaits trial at the International Criminal Court, Simone was convicted in April 2015 and sentenced to serve 20 years.

BBC Africa‘s Lilianne Nyatcha reports that the former first lady was received in grand style as many of her supporters flooded the streets of Abidjan leading to Simone’s upmarket suburb home in Cocody to celebrate her release.

Photo Credit: BBC Africa


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